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How can we help you with panel construction?

We design and build control panels for industrial automation. The panel construction for all our projects is carried out entirely in-house in order to ensure the desired quality. We take care of your design in accordance with the applicable European or international directives.

If you wish, you can also supply your own diagrams and components and we will take care of the complete finishing.

How do we work?

We go through the following steps:

  • Our Engineering department draws electrical diagrams in Eplan
  • A 3D design is also elaborated in Eplan Propanel
  • Base plates are automatically drilled at our drilling centre from the 3D design
  • We select the right type and size of electrical cabinets. For the installation of HMIs or other instrumentation (e.g. air-conditioning ducts), our drilling centre can also automatically mill cabinets and door panels
  • Based on the diagrams, we fit the base plates and cabinets with the necessary electrical components, carry out the corresponding wiring and apply clear labelling and numbering
Elektrische componenten in kast
Bekabeling oven

How can we help you with cabling?

We are responsible for the assembly of cable ducts, the laying of cables and the connection of all field components in industrial applications. In doing so, we always evaluate whether everything has been carried out according to our quality standards. We also carry out IO tests to ensure that the actual commissioning goes as smoothly as possible.

Possible applications

We have extensive experience in various fields:

  • All kinds of machines and installations in production environments
  • Industrial networks
  • Etc.

We are happy to help you

Interested to know more? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us!