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In order to make your production or logistics process as reliable and automated as possible, an identification of your products may be necessary. Automatic identification can also be used to trace your products. We’re able to provide various technologies for this, such as:

  • Label printing
  • QR codes
  • Barcodes
  • RFID

We are responsible for applying the identification (label or tag) as well as reading or writing it. Our systems communicate with higher-level ERP/MES systems to ensure integration into the entire business process.

Possible applications

We have already carried out projects for various applications, for example:

  • RFID/label printing: Identification of bobbins in the textile industry where a tag with production data is printed and applied
  • RFID: Identification of internal storage carts for sorting installations
  • QR codes: Identification of rolls in the foil industry where the label is printed and applied
  • QR codes: Rolls of carpet or vinyl are read at the end of the production line and sent to the right location in the warehouse
  • QR codes/barcodes: Reading codes on products to automatically set-up different machines in a production line according to the required recipe

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