We’re continuously developing our services within the domain of Industry 4.0 and IIoT. We’re able to support you in various areas:


Interface with ERP/MES systems

  • Data exchange for the automatic setting and autonomous operation of your machines. This can be done according to various protocols that are defined in consultation with your IT department: OPC, TCP or file transfer (CSV)
  • Logging of production data for your quality control
  • Communication with transport and sorting systems to automatically send finished products to the desired location


Remote service

  • Systems for remote access to your machine software. In this way we can make diagnoses worldwide, make any adjustments and ensure optimal service
  • Special attention to cyber security


  • Dashboards with which you have access to real-time production data and KPIs of your installation
  • Access to these dashboards is possible via various channels, such as smartphone, desktop and cloud


Continue monitoring & data-analyse

  • Automatic alert in case of deviating parameters
  • Collecting data for an easier analysis and optimisation of the production process

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