Request of the customer

The customer came to us with the request to renew his profiling lines. The following problems were encountered:

  • The lines were still equipped with old DC motors
  • Certain components were very difficult to obtain or no longer available
  • The lines all consisted of separate components, each with their own control
  • The operation was confusing and different on all lines
  • The safety devices of the different line sections were hardly connected to each other

Our realisation

We were able to help the customer with the following solutions:

  • New, more compact electrical cabinets using Siemens Technology PLC and drives
  • Control of an entire line with 1 PLC for both safety and process
  • Safety in line with standards
  • Renewed control: clear, intuitive and uniform on all lines
  • Replacing DC motors with servo motors, which consume less energy (-40%)
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Upgrading your machine controls and drives.

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